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Vince DiBianca

Vince DiBianca

Vince DiBianca, founding partner of DiBianca Associates and former consulting partner at Touche Ross (now Deloitte) is a personal advisor, strategic consultant and executive coach to senior leaders. His work with thousands of leaders includes CEO’s and board members from Men’s Wearhouse, Novartis, Reebok, Sears, Whole Foods, Allstate and Hughes Aircraft.

Vince has also worked with leaders from the United Nations, professional sports teams, large not-for-profits, entrepreneurs, and young leaders.

His work focuses on game-changing initiatives for individual leaders, their teams and their enterprises.  Breakthrough or bust, Vince’s motto, has guided leaders to uncanny innovation, uncommon relationships, and unparalleled results for all stakeholders, including the planet.

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Diane CirincioneDiane V. Cirincione, Ph.D.

Diane V. Cirincione, Ph.D. is a therapist and former postdoctoral clinical researcher at Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute at the University of California, San Francisco. In addition to her Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology, she also has expertise and her B.S. Degree in Organizational Behavior. Dr. Cirincione is an internationally known lecturer and author as well as an entrepreneur with 40 years business experience in corporate as well as the owner of her own six companies. She serves on numerous boards including Mo-DV and as President of the Jampolsky Outreach Foundation. JOF is a non-profit foundation responding to worldwide requests to introduce and mentor culturally appropriate adaptations of Attitudinal Healing, integrating this innovative, time tested psycho-social-spiritual model into every aspect of daily life. She is co-founder and Executive Director of Attitudinal Healing International (AHI), an educational, logistics, and support organization working with and mentoring Attitudinal Healing Centers, groups, and innovative development projects globally.

From 1982-1992 through the project, “Children as Teachers of Peace,” Dr. Cirincione helped inspire individuals from numerous countries including the former Soviet Union and The Peoples Republic of China, to bridge youth from conflicting countries around the world. In addition to extensive work overseas, Dr. Cirincione is also the author of Sounds of the Morning Sun and The Identification of Relationships Between Women Witnessing Spousal Abuse in Childhood and Psychological Symptomatic Distress in Adulthood. She is co-author with her partner and husband, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, of Love Is The Answer; Wake-Up Calls; Change Your Mind, Change Your Life; Simple Thoughts That Can Change Your Life; A Mini Course for Life, Finding Our Way Home, and for children, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

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Marie Case HeadshotMarie Case

Marie Case, a senior partner of Praemia, has worked for 30 years with senior leaders across the globe on the design and implementation of large and complex change initiatives. She is skilled at guiding leaders on both a personal and organizational transformative journey by bringing their hearts and minds to serve the organization’s deeper purpose.

Previously, Marie worked at two prominent management consulting firms, partner of The DiBianca-Berkman Group and Vice President at CSC Index where she led their Management Transformation Practice for Europe. Marie has worked with senior teams at some of the world’s largest corporations helping them to navigate both their business journey of producing results and the change journey of creating a new future. Her clients have included Allstate, Novartis, Reebok, and Whole Foods.

Marie partnered with representatives from the Secretary General’s office of the United Nations to form a team of key business leaders focused on exploring how business can contribute to the delivery of strategic global goals. For the past eight years she has been a passionate participant in the Conscious Capitalism Movement.

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Rinaldo BrutocoRinaldo S. Brutoco

Rinaldo S. Brutoco is a successful entrepreneur, executive, author and futurist and the Founding President of the World Business Academy. Rinaldo has published numerous cutting-edge articles and books that address the role and responsibility of business in relation to the criti­cal moral, environmental and social concerns of the day.

A leading keynote speaker for over 25 years, Rinaldo is widely recognized as a practical visionary, change agent, and futurist. Rinaldo is Chairman and CEO of the Chopra Foundation, Chairman of the Unstoppable Foundation and serves on the board of the JUST Capital Foundation. Rinaldo has served on the Board of Directors of The Men’s Wearhouse, a $2-billion-dollar company, since its IPO in 1992 and has numerous non-profit boards, including the Gorbachev Foundation.

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Blaine BartlettBlaine Bartlett

Blaine Bartlett currently serves as the President and CEO of Avatar Resources, Inc., a leadership consulting firm founded in 1987 with affiliate offices in four countries. Blaine also holds positions as an Associate Professor at Beijing University and a faculty member of the American College of Physician Executives.

The primary focus of Blaine’s work over three decades has been leadership development, organizational development, and change management. I’ve been a guest lecturer on Enterprise Leadership Development at China’s Tsing Hua University, a featured speaker at the World Congress of Human Resource Management, and a core panel member of the World Consortium for Research and Development of Training.

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Matt Renner, Executive DirectorMatt Renner

Executive Director

Matt Renner, Executive Director of the Academy, comes from the world of online digital media, journalism and organizing. He is passionate about the work of the Academy and the shift in business toward stewardship for the planet.

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