The EthicMark® Awards



The annual EthicMark® Awards recognize socially responsible advertising and media communications that uplift the human spirit and society.

Honoring and celebrating ethical marketing and media campaigns is a powerful way to transform commercial marketing so that it promotes what is good for society and the planet at the same time it promotes legitimate private interests.

The Awards are a powerful way to address the role of advertising in creating a culture of consumption that is depleting the Earth’s resources and destroying its climate.  Few environmental organizations have addressed the role of advertising as a main driver of unsustainable economic growth, as Hazel Henderson, the founder of the Awards, writes in “A New Role for Advertising.” This must change.  As Hazel writes, advertising plays a “key role in financing commercial mass media, often determining not only the content of entertainment programming, but also the focus of news and public affairs, reporting on business and economics, stock markets, technology and science.”

The Awards are co-sponsored by the World Business Academy, Ethical Markets Media(USA and Brazil), University of Notre Dame College of Business, ESPM (Brazil’s premier communication and marketing institution over the last 60 years), Sustainable BrandsGlobeScanTomorrow’s Company, and TBLI Conference™, in cooperation with our media partner, Where Good Grows.