Nuclear Power: A Mistake in Search of a Mission

Update: As of mid October, 2015, this video has received nearly 170,000 hits on the UCSB TV website.

Academy President Rinaldo S. Brutoco presents “Nuclear Power: A Mistake in Search of a Mission,” at the University of California Santa Barbara’s Walter H. Capps Center for the study of ethics, religion and public life.

Brutoco mentions a report from the Union of Concerned Scientists titled “Seismic Shift: Diablo Canyon Literally and Figuratively on Shaky Ground,” at the 18 minute mark. At the 46 minute mark, Brutoco discusses a town in Japan that is powered using hydrogen and fuel cells.

Read more about this ambitious and ground-breaking project here: Green Innovation – Fukuoka Hydrogen Town. For more on the moral, economic and health ramifications of nuclear power, please read the chapter five (free download) of the Academy’s book Freedom from Mid-East Oil.