The World Business Academy is a non-profit business think tank, action incubator and network of business and thought leaders. Our Mission is to inspire business to assume responsibility for the whole of society and assist those in business who share our values.

Led by our Founding President, Rinaldo S. Brutoco, the Academy explores the role and responsibility of business in relation to critical moral, environmental, and social issues of our day.

The major ongoing project of the World Business Academy is our Safe Energy Project. Headed by Project Director Dr. Jerry B. Brown, the goals of the Safe Energy Project are to (1) rid the state of California of nuclear power plants, (2) stand up for ratepayers’ interests in proceedings before the California Public Utilities Commission and (3) to introduce and champion a plan for the conversion to 100% renewable energy in California called the Clean Energy Moonshot Project, to create a replicable renewable energy model for the world. 

For more background on the inspiration of the Academy, read our Mission Statement and Why is There a World Business Academy?, a foundational document that remains as relevant today as it was when first published in 1987.

The Academy’s publications take on today’s challenges including environmental degradation; the shift away from dirty energy and toward clean, renewable energy; and the existential threat posed by climate change. Our work explores new metrics for valuation of public companies, value-driven leadership, the development of the human potential at work, sustainable business strategies and global reconstruction.

Housed in the Academy, the annual EthicMark® Awards recognize socially responsible advertising and media communications that uplift the human spirit and society.

The Academy has a unique resource in its Academy Fellows who comprise a veritable Who’s Who of world-class thinkers. These include Warren Bennis (leadership and management), Lester Brown (global environment), Deepak Chopra (healing and wellness), Ervin Laszlo (cultural consciousness), Hazel Henderson (economic futures), Amory Lovins (energy policy), Michael Ray (creativity in business), Lance Secretan (inspirational leadership), Peter Senge (organizational learning) and many more.


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